Relationships: Hearing The Truth

Honour and Receive

This morning my mind pondered over random experiences and situations throughout my adult life, where I exchanged open dialog with friends and family members. Some things were funny, some painful and other situations that had made me angry, but one thing that I realised, was that I’ve not always been able to honour and receive comments that I deemed painful or judgement to me. What I mean by this is, sometimes when a person has told me something that felt like a puncture to my heart or ego, I wasn’t able to receive the information correctly because I felt upset, hurt or angry. No matter how they delivered it (whether nicely or from their ego or hurt) the information would always have been the same. But the way I received it would of depended on afew different things, such as – how critical is was, what dent it left in my ego and how rubbish it made me feel. If someone is telling me something for my best interest and I can’t receive their words (without responding from my ego to protect my heart), then how can I fully understand what they’re trying to tell me. Here’s a good example of this….I was having a conversation with a close friend last night and he said, from what I know of you, I’m not sure you’re ready to give the right man what is needed from you to have a good relationship. Now afew years ago (or even months) I would of interrupted him before he’d finshed and fired back something with alittle attitude to proetect my crushed (omg I’m not good enough) feelings. But instead, I just sat listened and agreed, as I knew that he was right. I was able to do this because, in my own time I’d already came to this realisation some months before (through the inner healing that I’m doing) and because I’m learning how to truly listen, honour and receive what I’m being told. It’s a difficult situation to be in and equally difficult to do, but now that I’m able to pratise this, something truly beautiful is able to unfold. I’m able to know what it feels like to listen from calmness within and have the time to hear what is being said. I can internalise the words and respond from a place of stillness. And I can honour that persons courage to speak their truth and deliver words that will help me in the present moment or in the future.

Honour and receive can play out in all aspects of life and any form of relationship, whether it be with a brother/sister/parent, a shop assistant or stranger and even with a not so nice work collegue or a new date. No matter what is being said plesant or hurtful, by each person(s) reciprocating the act of ‘Honour and Receive’ life changing patterns, feelings and behaviours can begin to transpire.