Relationship vs Partnership

The Difference Between A Relationship and a Partnership

I found this article a really interesting read about the difference between relationships and partnerships. I feel a partnership is part of a soulmate relationship and anyone who has one, is truly blessed.

‘Relationships are like creme brulee, if you don’t have the patience and experience, there’s just no holding it together.’ – I love this quote from the article.

The Difference Between Being In A Relationship And Being In A Partnership



Why Some Relationships Don’t Work Out

Relationships: Problems, Healing And Searching

I was approached by a couple the other day after they heard (through a friend) about my journey and what I believe in – a self healing journey that leads to a soulmate relationship. I was deeply moved by the couples commitment to each other and their willingness to deepen the relationship, after recently admitting that things weren’t working out. It was so brave of them to come out and say this after being together 2.5years, but the biggest thing that shocked me, was the fact that they could identify with their problems and be honest with themselves enough to say let’s try work it out. The couple went on to say that their relationship had reached great difficulties, they’d lost their connection due to arguments and Chris (not his real name but the husband) had started to look to other women for attention. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard and witnessed relationships like this – including my own past relationships. So often we enter into a relationship and things are great for awhile. Then when our hormones rebalance (after spending months synced in deep lust) and the intensity of the connection begins to wane, we fine ourselves stressed and arguing over irrelevant little things.

I feel the reason why this happens in so many relationships, is because we haven’t yet dealt with issues from our past. I discovered somewhere near the start of my deep healing (after unraveling who I really am) that there were 2-3 root causes that drove all of my behaviour. These root causes were responsible for my moods, character, ability to love, trust, work, approach to money, insecurities, happiness, who I chose to be with…..EVERYTHING, even down to the clothes I wore each day. But what I also realised is that every one of my root causing problems stemmed from my childhood and after a little more digging/unraveling, some were even ancestral patterns passed down which no longer serve me in todays modern world. What a discovery! Everything that we experience as children (good or not so good), builds our character, defines us and shapes us into the adult that we are today. And when we fail to make a conscious effort to heal our past (whether traumatic or mini school) our issues eventually resurface, preventing us from being able to sort out relationship problems amicably; hence why Chris and Angela can’t get past the difficulties within their relationship. Our past well and truly determines our future.

‘Just like a pressure cooker, everything that goes in, must come out.’ – Me

Through Chris and Angela’s story it has made me realise that, as difficult as this healing inner peace journey is, it’s one of the best things that I’ve ever done. I now feel peaceful and secure inside, where before there was sadness. I now know who I really am and what my soul looks like. I’ve reached new depths of love within my being and it’s only now that I can resume my soulmate search.

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Relationships: I Didn’t Know I was Guilty Of Self Sabotage

Self Sabotage and Me

If someone would have asked me if I had any ‘self sabotage’ tendencies before last week, the answer would of been no. But after my first therapy session, meditation and therapy I gave to myself afew days after, I’ve discovered that I’m actually guilty of self sabotage. I’m really shocked by this discovery because I’ve always thought that things have just worked out the way they have, just because they have. But since my therapy, I’m now discovering even more of myself, uncovering layers I didn’t know existed and am starting to understand what is at the core of my being and why I behave this way.

I won’t go too much into what happened during my session, as I’m still processing it all and feel the next few weeks will reveal more, but at the core of my being and the reason I subconsciously destroy situations, opportunities and experiences is deeply related to the post that I wrote last month – Am I enough. I had Internal Family Systems by Charmain Berry a Psychotherapist based in Manchester and in a short time what we worked on was truly remarkable. We worked on my Solar Plexus as I told her that’s where one of my blockages were and by the end of the session, I felt much lighter and uncovered a lost 7 year old girl (me) in need of love, care and attention. The Solar Plexus anxiety I was experiencing prior to the session was because I was afraid of letting go. 2 days later after a meditation I replicated what Charmain did and was stunned to find another (teenage) girl also in need of deep love, care and attention. I’m guessing that a series of events and situations that happened throughout my childhood, bit by bit, made me disconnect, keep everybody at arms length and prevent any attempts at anyone trying to get close to me, as a protective mechanism. This is beyond deep, but I can now see why self healing is so important to our evolution, our very existence and finding true love. Even when we think we have a pretty good idea of who we are, there are always more layers to uncover. Layers similar to a jigsaw puzzle, that once sorted and figured out, will allow us to see the bigger picture, act positively with clearer intentions and understand how to go about achieving our desires.

How is this related to finding true love? Because now I can see (looking back) how I have pushed guys away, not given them a chance, nor portrayed myself in the best light, subconsciously said things to put them off me and placed barriers up to divert the path to a relationship….WOW!! And I thought that I’ve been single all this time because I haven’t met the right person (which is kind of true but to not of had short term boyfriends either) this is definitely why.

I’ll share more details about my therapy in time to come, I just wanted to share with you more about my current journey of self healing and the way things are unfolding day by day. Everything in life is interlinked, thoughts create reality, your past determines your future and life really is like a quest. Once we understand this, delve into the complexity of who we are and figure out who we truly are – only then can we experience true deeply connected love. Love is most definitely a journey, not a destination, whether its self love or soulmate love. The two go hand in hand.


Relationships: Conscious vs Unconscious

Conscious vs Unconscious

Over the last few years I’ve toyed with the idea of being in a conscious relationship vs an unconscious one and have often thought what it would be like if an unconscious person fell for a conscious person, what would happen? Would it work out? For the first 2 years of my awakening I didn’t know what to think as I was too busy feeling upside down. I dated some unconscious men and some very wise ones, but I wasn’t fully sure where my journey was going, so I didn’t pay too much attention to finding someone who was as awakened as me. I was just trying to make sense of what was happening and date in between the not so turbulant times. The 3rd year, after awakening alittle further, I was adamant that if two people weren’t both conscious, there was no chance of it working. I didn’t see how it could be possible. One wanting to watch Coronation Street and the other wanting to go deep, meditate and have endless enlightening coversations. What chance did it have of lasting if they were up against that every day. But now I’m in the fourth year of conscious living, I don’t really know where I’m at with it all. I’ve had my eye out for a nice Spiritual guy but haven’t seem to come across any that I’m compatible with. After 4 years of deep healing, turning myself inside out, living consciously and being on this ever evolving road to love and enlightenment, my thoughts lie with this answer – I really don’t know. I think it would be difficult to have a relationship when the awareness of both individuals are worlds apart, but who knows whats possible anymore. Two conscious people are able to have a deeply connected relationship, but with everyone waking up so quickly, the vibration of a conscious person could raise the vibration of an unconscious person and allow them too to have a beautifully deep connected relationship also.

The beauty of a soulmate connection is what I so truly long for. That ebb and flow of energy, easy living, deep conversations and the constant love and exploration of one another on a soul level; is what the world needs.