Lost Souls

Helping the world love

I feel I must write today and afew things have been pondering in my mind. So my questions to everyone out there, is – Would people benefit from (Spiritual) ‘Life School’ and ‘Marriage School’ ?

As I walk this earth I’m discovering sleeping souls, lost souls and souls looking for more. My passion lies in helping people build loving relationships, but to have a truly connected loving relationship, first we must discover self. Life school will guide people on how to tap into their inner being/happiness and how all aspects of ‘self’ fits into todays world. It will be support, love and guidance for individuals who no longer want to wear the mask of life. Marriage school will be for couples preparing to walk the journey together, side by side, for as long as their journey lasts. It will prepare and aid them mentally and emotionally, help them explore the reality of ‘forever’ and delve into the transition of ‘being in love’  to  ‘loving someone‘. I feel so many people don’t really know themselves, then enter into a relationship in the hope that the kids, house and successful career will keep their relationship together.

I want the world to be in love – first  with self, then with each other.