Relationships: 1+1=1

The Mathematics Of Wholeness

Over the last few weeks various discussions have arisen in the Facebook group The Dating Circle, but the more comments I see the more I’m realising how much we (as a race) don’t fully understand the meaning of true love and being whole. I’m a massive believer that a person must be happy and whole within their being, in order to have a truly happy and fulfilled relationship. I’ve touched upon this in afew other posts, but whilst out walking I got the idea for this post to further help people (me and everyone else who is in need of alittle guidance) visualise the meaning of ‘wholeness’ and the importance of it when journeying towards true love.

If we compare people to single cells and imagine we’re looking under a microscope. Imagine us (as individuals) each represent one cell which is complete and whole, yet through conditioning we’ve ended up feeling that half of our wholeness/fulfilment is missing. Cells start out whole and when merged together, they still form a whole. There aren’t any half cells floating around looking for other half cells to complete them. 1 merges with 1 to make 1. We too must become whole again in order to find true happiness and true love. Most of us are unknowingly currently searching as half cells, looking for other half cells to complete us, but this isn’t the way it works. If you want a mediocre relationships where the spark fizzles out and you just exist like brother and sister or friends in the same household, then the half cell theory will work. But if you want the real deal, it’s important to focus on becoming whole again: becoming 1.

So many of us are looking far outside of our own being for love and happiness, looking for that someone special to complete us, to make us whole, that it’s becoming an exhausting struggle. One that I now see is out of desperation or loneliness. But one thing I know for sure, is that a relationship formed for the wrong reasons will not last and will still leave you feeling lost, empty and unfulfilled after some time. Why? Because each person must work on becoming whole, in order to have anything close to the real fairytale. Any anger, sadness, loniless, hurt or emotional blockages must be addressed or at least acknowledged for you to have the relationship of your dreams. Exploring these depths of the heart, will uncover true treasures and you’ll be overflowing with an abundance of love. Not only will you heal past hurts, but you’ll start to understand who you really are, what your soulmate looks like and what type of person you’d really like to spend the rest of your life with. Like attracts like. When you find the real you and become whole, will you attract the right person to add to your wholeness.

    Find the treasure at the bottom of your heart.

Like I always say…

‘I want the world to be in love, first with self, then with each other.’

Thank you to my lovely friend Maria for the title inspiration.



Quote: Don’t Let Fear Shut You Down 

I watched a film called Divergent over the weekend and thought this quote from Four was so true. In every day life we let fear stop us from doing so many things. 

We often feel fear out of the fear of being judged. Let’s inspire each other, think twice about judging others and be open to all thoughts, actions and opinions. If you stop judging others, they’ll stop judging you and we’ll all be free to act without fear. We’re all good enough 💜


Step Out Of Your Rut

Sometimes you don’t realise that you’re in a rut until you take yourself out of it. Recently I’ve felt abit stuck, in life, work, everything and knew that I needed to go on a plane, but for months I put it off. Not so long back I used to fly every second or third month, but for some reason I was working myself up about choosing the right time to drop everything and go. It’s only when I did finally go, that I realised that I was stuck in a rut. The energy wasnt flowing and the blocked energy in my body and in my house was keeping me from being able to make that decision. 

My advice to everyone is to make some time for ‘you’ where you can think and see clearly. Go away for afew days alone so you can rest, re-energise and recalibrate. Don’t go searching for company or go out of loneliness, go because you want some you time and a chance for your spirit to catch up with your physical body. Seek out the nature and go to the country, the beach or a forest. You’ll come back a truly different person. Sometimes we build so much chaos and stress around us that we can’t see what we’ve created until we step out of in. And if you want change, often you can’t see a way out until you step outside of life. Don’t make anymore excuses and go make it happen. It will change your life. 

I made this quote whilst on the beach last week, reflecting on the past few months. 


Masking Your True Self

Do we ever expose who we truly are? Do we  even know who we truly are? Do we know what we truly believe in? Do we know what we truly like?

The older I get and the more I learn, the more I realise that we’re all peeping out at the world. Our true self hiding encaged within our bones. Why are we afraid to be ourself? Is it in fear of judgement? If we all were to be ourselves and understood each other’s pain, surely no one would judge.

As each day passes by, I discover more of who I really am. I’m going inward, not outward. I ask myself who am I, where am I, what am I….the answer is always love. But it’s took me 30yrs and the last 4 years of constant digging, unravelling and shifting, to understand my true essence. Each day I drop deeper and deeper into my divine feminine energy, able to walk taller as a beautiful Goddess. I am removing my mask for all to see. These have been the hardest 4 years, but the happiest. I feel happy. I feel free.


The Magic Of Life

Trust in the magic of life. Even if you don’t know where you’re heading, trust that all is happening in the right order and that you’re exactly where you’re suppose to be, doing exactly what you’re meant to be doing 💜


Lost Souls

Helping the world love

I feel I must write today and afew things have been pondering in my mind. So my questions to everyone out there, is – Would people benefit from (Spiritual) ‘Life School’ and ‘Marriage School’ ?

As I walk this earth I’m discovering sleeping souls, lost souls and souls looking for more. My passion lies in helping people build loving relationships, but to have a truly connected loving relationship, first we must discover self. Life school will guide people on how to tap into their inner being/happiness and how all aspects of ‘self’ fits into todays world. It will be support, love and guidance for individuals who no longer want to wear the mask of life. Marriage school will be for couples preparing to walk the journey together, side by side, for as long as their journey lasts. It will prepare and aid them mentally and emotionally, help them explore the reality of ‘forever’ and delve into the transition of ‘being in love’  to  ‘loving someone‘. I feel so many people don’t really know themselves, then enter into a relationship in the hope that the kids, house and successful career will keep their relationship together.

I want the world to be in love – first  with self, then with each other.