The Pressures of Becoming Real

Continuously Awakening

5 years I’ve been on this healing journey and its just as difficult today as it was when I first started. The blockage that sits in my solar plexus preventing me from transitioning into love and light, thinks that it is protecting me, but in essence it’s holding me back. The resistance of stepping into to my true form is ever present today. My whole life has seen my heart reside within a fortress, with walls so thick that I don’t even fully understand all that lies within. But in there I feel freedom, peace, love and light just waiting to dance amongst life.

I know what I want, how I want to act and who I’d like to be, but breaking free from the behaviours that no longer serve me is tough. I want love, but am too afraid to show it, I want laughter but am too afraid to enjoy the present, but most of all I want to dance with the flow of life but feel bound by social conditioning that controls my actions.

Is this the storm before the glorious sunshine.

As the deep transformation accelerates, I know that I am leaving behind my old ways. The walls of my fortress are crumbling away and the treasures that lay beneath the surface are becoming exposed. I feel like a rocket re-entering the earths atmosphere, vulnerable, unsure and afraid of failure. Like a child experiencing for the first time, how do I walk, talk, act and be?

The cogs of my lock are coming into alignment – click, click, click. The door is about to open and the rainbow of light is ready to dance.



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