Quote: Build ‘You’ Up

I’ve noticed that we often try and silence ourselves in an effort to fit in and be accepted. And so many of us brush off nice comments from others. Now is the time to build ‘you’ up. Love yourself first, accept praise and fill yourself to the brim with self love.



Relationship vs Partnership

The Difference Between A Relationship and a Partnership

I found this article a really interesting read about the difference between relationships and partnerships. I feel a partnership is part of a soulmate relationship and anyone who has one, is truly blessed.

‘Relationships are like creme brulee, if you don’t have the patience and experience, there’s just no holding it together.’ – I love this quote from the article.

The Difference Between Being In A Relationship And Being In A Partnership


Why Girls Shouldn’t Give It Up Too Easy

Don’t Kiss All The Boys

Over the course of last year I can count on one hand (with some fingers left over) how many men I kissed and had sex with. In everyday life that would be quite sad, right? But not in my world. Just like when I decided to give up meat, it was the build up of information I received prior to that, that allowed me to eduction myself enough to make a conscious decision and it’s the same when it comes to sex. I’ve lived blinded from the age of 16 when I lost my virginity to 28 when I stopped giving it up so easily. I kissed many boys (as you do when you’re young), dated endlessly in my 20’s and experienced variations of – sleeping with a guy because I had too much alcohol, to, having sex thinking that was The One – and everything in between. But one thing I didn’t realise was the lasting effects that having intercourse has and the factors that are beyond what we can see/recognise, that play an equally big part to why we shouldn’t hand it to guys on a plate. These include – energy exchange, DNA, dark entities, allergies and the obvious one STD’s, which are all important factors that go untalked about as we plod through our lives.

Did you know that when you have sex with someone you stay energetically attached to them for up to 6 years? WOW!! Just think of all the people that you’ve slept with in the last 5 years and how much energetic debris is lingering around in your aura. Not to mention dark entities that could of jumped from them to you, that may explain any unexpected low feelings, binge drinking, anger or sadness. You just don’t know what the other person is carrying around with them. And this is exactly why I’ve not been giving it up so easily over the last few years. That, and the fact that we live in a masculine world that is no longer serving us. Men rule whether we know it or not and their reign has gotten us to this point in evolution, but it’s now time for women to find themselves, drop into their Goddess energy, harmonise the planet and nurture men to be the Gods that they are so capable of. But this can’t happen if women are unconsciously having sex willy nilly (for whatever reason) and we continue living this way. Wouldn’t we love for all men to be real men? Caring, honest, loyal, sensitive and romantic, yet strong logical providers that hold a loving space for us regardless whether they’re single, married, divorced or celibate. Yet if we keep surrendering to their trouser brain mentality, we’ll be stuck in this pickle forever. Can you see where I’m going with it?

Taking control and not giving in to your sexual desires (and their sexual desires) can have ripple effects far beyond what you can even imagine. Ok, so it won’t solve all of the world problems, but it will definitely assist the work that’s being done already – with people generally starting to care more for themselves, each other and the planet. And it will 100% help men understand the difference between their downstairs brain and their real brain on a subconscious level, so that (if anything else) they treat us better. Women need to become the non egoic leaders. We are mentally and physically strong with untapped capabilities far beyond what we know and together we can help make that difference, one small conscious decision at a time.