Yoni Steam: How It Changed Me

A Healing Song and A Yoni Steam

I’ve been wanting to have a yoni steam since mid last year, so when Claire Stone from Sacred Yoni Steam UK posted on Facebook that she was holding a special Bespoke Yoni Steam event, I jumped at the chance. For those not familiar with a yoni steam, it’s a vaginal steam that can help with things like painful periods, increasing fertility and Fibroids, aswell as removing the energy of past partners and healing the repression that we’re born into as women. The event took place at Claire’s home where she created a cosy candle lit healing space, with an Archangel Michael crystal grid. We gave her our intentions prior to the evening so she could make up a special blend of herbs which we sat over for 30mins whilst meditating on what we wanted to let go of and new things that we wanted to welcome in. The main reason I wanted to experience a steam was to remove the energy of past partners, as I’d heard that when a man orgasms inside of you, his energy can stay with you for years afterwards. But because Claire said the more intentions the better, I wrote a list based on what I’d like help with on this current stage of my inner peace journey.

My Intentions

Remove energy of past partners, Self acceptance/love, To feel more grounded, Help maintaining the feeling of happiness, Clear stagnant energy in my womb, Prepare my womb for pregnancy, Unblock my root chakra, Allow clear vision so that I can decide the next stages of my job/life purpose.

The morning of my steam I came on my period and Claire said that in her research it stated that it’s not recommended to steam whilst menstruating, but it didn’t specify why. I had a look online and there was no reason stating it was dangerous so I decided to go ahead and do it with Claire’s authorisation: I am now so glad that I made that decision. There was something so beautiful and scared about having a steam on my moon, as I sat bum to chair whilst the herbs worked on clearing/setting my intentions. Earlier that day my friend joked around saying ‘I’m sure your womb won’t fall out into the pan go and have it done’ and she was so right, it felt so special and far from dangerous.

It was the next 36 hours that things began to change. During the yoni steam I started to get anxiety which lasted for the next 24 hours. Anxiety is something that I suffer from, and despite the yoni steam experience and the beautiful space Claire created, once my anxiety comes on there’s no stopping it. So when I got home I pretty much went straight to bed. After afew hours I woke up to empty my moon cup (another thing I wanted to try for ages and bought whilst at Claire’s) but couldn’t sleep, so I decided to look up a song I’d heard on Classic FM earlier that day. The song is called Parce Mihi Domine by The Hilliard Ensemble and Jan Garabeck and I was so moved by this piece of music, that I had it on repeat all weekend. But there was something about this song and how it was working with the yoni steam experience that really got me. Each time I listened to the song it felt like the sounds were healing my body and working with the effects of the steam. It was almost as if the sound of each instrument wrapped gently around each of my (letting go) intentions and dissolved them into peace and love. It was truly magical and quite a profound experience. By the time it got to Sunday night my anxiety had gone, I felt lighter, present and more grounded and as I brushed my teeth before bed I laughed at how amazingly happy I felt.

Also over the course of the weekend, aswell as crying alot whilst listening to the song doing a hell of alot of releasing, I had many realisations and epiphany moments about life. But the two biggest things that I realised were that, being on my moon was a time to go deeper into myself not just a simple cleanse of the body. And that a deep transformation can happen when you least expect it.

P.s. If anyone would like to get in contact with Claire about a steam (I highly recommend) here are her Facebook details – Sacred Yoni Steam UK and Claire’s Crystal Cavern. She also sells crystals, jewellery, moon cups and yoni eggs.




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