Can Feminine Energy Save The World

Step outside of the box and we find ourselves existing in a masculine world. We refer to ‘man’ then woman, ‘his’ then hers and most often than not, we always recognise the masculine first and the feminine second. Is this because men are the protectors, the providers? Or is it a blatent case of power and ego unconsciously dominating? We live in a world where men rule. Women often make themselves look a certain way to attract the man, men are always elected for positions in power and if we look at the nitty gritty, well, generally speaking, when the mans finished (in the bedroom) it’s over and time for sleep. Whether we want to believe it or not, men rule the planet. But the question I ask is, Does this relate to the current disfunction and chaos existing here on earth? Step outside of the box (again) and think about it.


As we all know the world is currently in disarray. At every angle there are detrementle situations occuring –  poverty, global warming, banking crisis, GMO/Monsanto, chemicals in food and the fact that slavery was never abolished; we’re still very much involved (knee deep) in the slave driven rat race we call work. At every turn we’re being hit forcing us to live within a box, but when we’re in the box, minding our own business, is it possible to see the walls built up around the perimeter and further more, to see the walls closing in around us? I write this article from an ‘outside the box (OTB)’ perspective. I don’t feel its my job to raise questions from within the perimeter walls when I can clearly see beyond the boundaries, I feel it’s my job to raise points to make us question the inside, the outisde, the edges and the people who built the wall in the first place. If the world wasn’t on self destruct mode, I’d fully believe that this was for the good of all, but since this is not the case, I air my views to try and comprehend the realisation of the current situation, understand the masculine and feminine and see if there is a way to harmonise the planet by creating a balanced energy and bringing forth hope for a peaceful world.

For all the points that I’ve glossed over so far, there could be a thousand objectives but from an OTB thinker, the first question I would ask is, are you a true OTB thinker, or do you just think you are? Afew years ago, I would have talked until my face went blue about why and how certain points I’ve mentioned were clearly not true, but now I sit and look out at the world, living each day watching the pieces of the puzzle unfold. The more I learn the more I am beginning to understand just how the pieces slot together and how we act out our daily lives on such an unconscious level, that in our wildest dreams we can’t see the destruction in our own behaviour. To understand even a fraction of what I am saying, is first let go of our conditioned ego – that little voice that wants to say ‘Hang on a minute we have to work so much and get taxed so much because how else would we survive’ or ‘There’s nothing wrong with GMO products, that’s all I can afford to eat and it does me know harm’ but with society on a conveyor belt of cancer and working ourselves into an early grave because of stress and materialism, maybe it’s time to consider new opinions. I’ve found that letting go of ego often means that I have to listen more than speak in order to learn and understand OTB thinking and often find myself in silent contemplation as new pieces of information rush through my brain. The reason I slightly digress from the direct question, is to show how things are related. No one thing in life is unrelated and in some way shape or form, all that I talk about is linked to the state of world. As ego’s get bigger, so does the need for power and money and as the people at the top (owners of the banks/corporations) execute their plans for power, we directly feel it at the bottom. The question I go back to is, Is all of this happening because the masculine energy has got out of control? Does it only know one way to rule? What would happen with more of a feminine balance? There is definitely more than one way to rule the world and maybe, just maybe, it would help if there were more feminine attributes coming from the top, downwards.

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Afew months ago was the first time I’d heard of ‘Domestic discipline’ (with a woman being the dom and the male being a sub). At first I thought, hhhhmmm I’m not sure that would work (nor is it necessary), but the more I learnt about the ethos and matched it with OTB thinking and current affairs, the more I realised that perhaps the men of the world (seems so they’re in charge) need more of a feminine influence (and not just us pulling the strings behind the curtain). Ok, so maybe not full on ‘domestic discipline’ but aspects of its structure. Maybe if men were able to let go of their ego, become more intouch with their feminine and allow the feminine energy to nurture qualitites within them, it would bring a better balance and change the course of their actions. I’m not just referring to their behaviours in certain situations, but influencing their core values and changing the way they think, feel and act on a deeply internal conscious and subconscious level. Just like we have to discipline children to set boundaries, maybe this is what’s needed for men.  As the average man thinks about sex every 7 seconds, is it possible for them to make clear decisions from an honest, caring and nutruing ‘lets help the world’ point of view, or is there an underlining deeply unconscious reason to their actions, that results in them manipulating situations to feed any one of their lower vibrational ‘destructive’ desires. As we nurture children giving them love and guidance teaching them right from wrong, maybe a similiar structure should carry on right through to adulthood. We live in a free(ish) world but maybe men should no longer be free to rule with their trousers and women should step into their goddess power, reclaim their full identity and inject a heavy dose of the feminine into society to bring about a balanced ‘harmonious’ world. Perhaps women should be taught to tap into their feminine/goddess energy to lead, rather than tapping into their masculine. Whilst we sink further and further into masculine energy, maybe it’s time to put the breaks on and change sail.


Is there a deeper meaning behind why god (whoever he is) made it so women have children and why the earth is called ‘Mother Earth.’ In an egoless way, maybe women were suppose to rule and somewhere along the line we doubted our place  here on earth and the masculine energy took over. Or maybe not, but as we can see the planet is currently on self destruct mode, so it’s safe to say it’s time to try an alternative. I don’t doubt or undermind the masculine energy, as we need to tap into it for strength – physical aswell as mental, setting boundaries, logical thinking and all sorts of positive higher vibrational feelings and actions but on a scale of 1 to 10, I feel we have far exceeded a healthy dose of masculine energy. Feminine energy is warm, nurturing and caring that holds no boundaries to love. If we resided full time within this high vibrational energy and dipped into the masculine when we needed to, maybe this could restore peace on earth. Maybe corporations would care less about their bottom line (profit sheet) and more about the lives of us at the bottom. Maybe banks would lose the need to forever keep us in debt because their hearts would be open. Maybe we would let go of materialism and care more about what really matters – like being natural, spending time with loved ones, keeping fit and healthy and doing things that make us (and others) smile. I feel it’s more care that is needed not money. More love that is desired not power. Maybe I’m right or maybe I’m wrong, but considering such ways wouldn’t hurt and acting with more love, will sparkle only, more love. There’s one thing that is certain and that is change is needed. We’re living in such a difficult time right now and with a battle of ego’s each claiming to have the answer, maybe the answer lies within each one of us and we can spark change by letting go of ego and tapping into the answers that lie within; that of the beautifully strong feminine energy that resides within each one of us.