The Story Of Fear

This time last year I was going through a very difficult time and one morning in the midst of deep emotion, this story came to me. I observed it in my mind as the story played out, as it I was an on looker to my own thoughts. When it finished, I felt so moved by what I’d seen, I wanted to write it down, word for word, just as it happened in my visions. And this is the story. I named it The Story Of Fear, as this it what it’s about. ‘being’ free from fearing the world. Enjoy x


There was a massive brown bull stood in a field with a lead around its neck,

The angel said to the woman, stand close to the bull and hold on to its lead,

She hesitated. But what if the bull bites me, she said.

But what if it’s the friendliest bull in the world, said the angel.

I’m scared she said.

If the bull senses fear it may bite you, but if it senses joy it may not,

But how will you know unless you try, said the angel.

But it could kick me, trample me or even kill me, she said.

Or it could lick you to death, kiss you and be your best friend for life, helping you and guiding you along the way.



You must let go of fearing life, you must enjoy in, take each day as it comes.

Learn from the bad and enjoy the good.

Challenges along the way are not down to the world being against you or the bull biting you for no reason.

Things happen to allow you to grow.

When you relax things start to happen and beautiful things unfold in front of your very eyes.

Now go, hold the bull free from fear with love and joy in your heart.

The bull represents life, make friends with it, enjoy it, listen to it, see it, feel it, but most of all do not fear it.

Always remember the bull is your friend, love it, take care of it and cause it no harm.

You and the bull can walk together side by side, if you let it.



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